They’re Real

After posting a review of Too Faced’s ‘Better than Sex’ mascara, which I didn’t like, I decided it would be a very good idea for me to post a review of one of my favourite mascaras. Anyone who has read my previous blog posts, will know that I have a huge love for Benefit Cosmetics. I love all of their products and I’ve been a fan of this brand for like three years now. Two a half years ago, I was gifted my first ‘They’re real’ mascara, and I fell swiftly in love. They’re Real is a lengthening mascara which comes in many colours like black, brown and blue! In 2015, They’re Real won the award for the best mascara. For those who have never used this mascara, I would highly recommend purchasing a mini size version of it because it is my number one mascara. It is everything that I want and need in a mascara.

Like Better Than Sex, They’re Real is one of the most hyped up mascaras on the internet. Many people love to gush on about how much they love this mascara by benefit, but one may ask why it is so popular? Well it’s very simple…This mascara volumizes  and lifts eyelashes in a beautiful manner. I really like the design of the mascara wand – it is long and thin allowing for minimum clumping.The bristles are also very thin allowing for precision. The mascara is great for a subtle look, yet at the same time, it can be easily built upon.

Some may not like the price, but I find that the mascara is definitely worth the cash spent on it. I know it is the perfect mascara for me.

Thank you for reading, if you enjoyed this review, please check out my other posts!

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