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Urban Decay Rush Lipstick

Recently, I’ve started to love Urban Decay. My current favourite liptick is a cream one by them called Rush. I find that a nice lipstick can complete any makeup look. However, with my pale complexion I tend to be very hestitant when wearing lipstick. Bright and dark colours can easily look scary on me so I’m very comfortable with nudes and light pinks. I also tend to wear cream lipsticks over mattes due to how dry my lips can get- there is nothing worse than chapped lips.

Back in June, I tried Urban Dacays lipticks for the first time. I had gone to the store on Grafton Street (in Dublin) with one of my friends. This friend of mine is a huge Urban Decay junkie and she helped me pick out a liptick. When I first swatched Rush, I really felt like it was an easy colour for me. Something I could apply and wear with no trouble.

What is it:

Rush is part of Urban Decay’s Vice collection. It’s a creamy, pink mauve colour that has a slight sheen finish. Urban Decay’s uk site claims that the creamy Vice lipsticks has a butter blend which comforts and enhances, leaving the lips soft.

What does it look like:

Vice Lipstick comes in a modernized, luxed-up version of our original lipstick case that looked like a shotgun shell. It’s new, but speaks to our roots. The faceted gunmetal case has a gold base and debossed lettering, and our custom-designed lipstick features an embossed “UD.” We even added a shade-matched label (including the shade name and finish) to make it easy to find the right color within the depths of your bag.


What are the properties:

  • The texture is creamy and great for those with dry lips.
  • The product is long lasting.
  • The product is cruelty free.
  • The pigment and colour range is unreal.
  • It’s very easy to apply.
  • It doesn’t wash out pale skin.

With over a hundred shades to choose from, there is a lipstick from Urban Decay for every beauty obsessed person. Also, there is a vice app where you can try on different shades of Urban Decay’s lipticks to check if they’ll suit you before buying!

At €18.50 this lipstick can be seen as quite expensive but is honestly worth every penny!

What is your favourite lipstick?

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