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Looking for Blogs to follow


Hey Friends,

Recently I’ve noticed that the number of active bloggers who I follow on wordpress has decreased significantly. One of my favourite parts of this website is reading and engaging with posts which other bloggers post.

So, naturally, I am looking for new blogs to fall in love with and read.

I’m open to following any bloggers on here, however, I am particularly interested in beauty blogs, cooking blogs, fashion blogs, general lifestyle blogs, and, travel blogs. If you run one of those, and I don’t follow you yet, please comment on this post letting me know what you like to write about and leave your url so I can give your blog a follow.

Please leave your blog urls in the comments for me!!

Love C!


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16 thoughts on “Looking for Blogs to follow”

  1. I write about beauty reviews! I used to have a blog a few years ago but became inactive and I just restarted this year. To keep my motivation it’s more a review to help me remember what I like and why and I’d I should buy it again! Would love if you would follow if it interests you!😁

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    1. I would love to follow your blog. Beauty reviews are one of my favourite things to read, so I look forward to reading your reviews!! I too restarted my blog in September so I 100% am so excited to see what you write on your blog ❀ I’ll give your blog a good look and read your posts when I leave work πŸ’—

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