What can you find on my blog?

I launched this blog in September of 2018 to create a page where any person who is into beauty can find all the tips and tricks they need to find products which are perfect for them!!

If you enjoy to read about all things beauty, fashion, and, travel, then this page is ideal for you!

Welcome to my blog!! Thanks for stopping in. My name is Cadhla and I run this little blog. I’m an Irish college student, trying to share what I know about beauty while learning from other bloggers (And boy, have I learnt a lot in my year here!)

This blog started off in 2018 as a place for me to advise other bloggers and beauty fanatics of products and makeup hacks which work for me. I also started this blog to connect with like-minded people who have a passion for the same things I do. Since then, I have delved into travel blogging which I like to write posts helping my readers learn the best tricks to get better value out of their money while travelling and where they should be travelling.

While my main two areas of expertise are beauty and travel, I do occasionally dabble and write more life style related posts – like my University series that I had last September.

Thanks for taking the time to read this page! I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts. Join my email list for monthly updates or say hi to me on my Instagram.

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