Bobbi Brown foundation review

For my birthday months ago, I went shopping with my grandmother to buy new makeup for my present. I needed new foundation so I decided that since I had heard a lot about Bobbi Brown products, I would get one of their foundations.

I went to the Bobbi Brown stall in a store called Brown Thomas which sells their products, and the lady there picked a foundation for the specific details that I gave her; combination skin, cool toned, and medium coverage.

As a pale person, I was quite surprised how easily this foundation managed to blend into my skin tone and match it so well. It was probably one of the few times that I’ve gotten a foundation tried on me and I was very impressed.

So my grandmother bought me the full-size foundation along with a setting powder to match it. I was also quite impressed that it had an SPF 15 coverage in the formula as I take protecting my skin from the harmful UV rays very seriously. My first impressions of this foundation was great and I loved how aesthetic the bottle looked with its simple design. I brought it home and couldn’t wait to wear it as much as possible.

Now, two months on, I feel like I can give my full opinion on this foundation.

Bobbi Brown foundation pale
Bobbi Brown dewy long lasting foundation

The description for this foundation is:
“A truly modern foundation that offers invisible, weightless coverage that looks like skin, not makeup. This long-wearing formula evens tone, minimises the appearance of pores, conceals imperfections, and offers broad-spectrum UV protection. Its hydrating technology leaves skin feeling cushioned, comfortable, and clean. Ideal for combination, normal and normal to dry skins. Capacity 30ml.”

I feel like the description of this foundation is surprisingly accurate. I do find the coverage to be as they explained it would be. Okay, so I will be doing a pro and cons below of this foundation. I do find that this foundation can be long-lasting, however, I find like my skin needs constant powder at times so I would advise that girls or boys with slightly oily skin to avoid this foundation, even if their skin type is a combination skin tone like mine is.

One of the things that I love about this foundation is that it never gets cakey or looks dry on my skin like some of my other foundations have in the past. This foundation comes in sixteen different shades, with different shades for cool toned girls and a lot for warm toned girls. I wear Porcelain and I was very surprised that this foundation accommodated my skin tone as I’m super pale in a way that most foundations either look too dark or orange on my skin tone. The foundation was very pricey at forty-one euro so I expected big things from it.

I find that this foundation leaves my skin looking healthy and youthful. What I love is that it manages to look very natural on my skin and I can wear it without it being too obvious that I am wearing foundation. One problem I have with it, however, is that I find the foundation to be very watery but because of that it blends and glides onto the face easily.

I couldn’t find confirmation anywhere by judging from the feel of the foundation is that it is water based rather than oil based. It is for that reason why I often need about three pumps of this foundation to get the coverage that I desire. The foundation is very light and would not suit those with acne or blemishes as it does not cover them effectively. It is sheer but leaves a lovely glow. It also doesn’t come off unevenly during the day.

I think one of the most important things about this foundation is finding the right preparation for it. Using the correct products before hand and after seem to be very important. A good primer could easily extend the lasting power of this foundation. However having to buy other products to make the foundation effective is very inconvenient.

  • Very sheer and natural looking
  • Does not cake or crease
  • Wide range of colours
  • Comes with a pump
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Has many yellow undertone shades
  • It didn’t break me out


  • Does not last all day and needs top ups
  • Is very expensive
  • Does not cover acne
  • Fewer pink tones
  • Oil tends to break through so it needs powder

Overall I really love this foundation and it suits my skin tone perfectly. I do find that it is really not for those with oily skin or those prone to breakouts. But for girls with drier skin or normal skin – what even is normal skin???- this foundation could be their next love. This is the only Bobbi Brown foundation I’ve used so I can’t compare it to the others. This foundation is perfect for me and I know that I will keep on using it until it’s empty. I haven’t quite decided yet whether or not I will repurchase it, however. Time will tell I guess.

I would give it four stars out of five personally. If you liked this post, please leave a like or a comment to let me know what type of posts you’d like to see in the future. Well, that’s all from me, see you next time xxx