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On Monday the 3rd, I had the extreme pleasure of going to one of the rehearsal concerts which Hozier was playing. Words can barely describe how amazing it was to see Hozier live- I was blown away by how amazing his voice is live. I’ve always loved his music but I never thought any human could be as talented as he was – his live voice is the same to his studio voice. We were also very lucky to get hear some of his new songs which is from his new album which will be out on tomorrow. Despite only hearing 3-4 of his new songs, I can guarantee his new songs as just as amazing as his older ones.

Hozier asked us not to film the songs as he played them because he didn’t want to have any leaks and he felt it would he good if people watched the show through their eyes rather than through the screens of their smartphones. All proceeds from the concerts are going towards three charities: Safe Ireland, One In Four, and, the Peter McVerry Trust. With tickets only €30 I was thrilled to get to see one of my favourite singers live.

I was awe struck by how down to earth Hozier was. He chatted to the audience like we were part of his band and I enjoyed how much the fun the band and he had while they performed the music. They didn’t just play the music, they made it come to life.

Has anyone else ever gone to an amazing concert? Tell me in the comments!!