Primark Haul August 2018: Misses

As you may have seen by my last Primark post, I had a lot of luck this month. However I also had some bad luck when it came to shopping in Primark. Some of these items I'm not sure about whether or not I'm returning them (all of them were both recently so I can [...]


Primark Haul August 2018: Hits

I adore Primark. It's my favourite shop to walk through when I'm casually window shopping. I also love how cheap the products are - I'm a student so I can't afford more expensive labels. I've decided to write a post on what I bought and liked in Primark (penneys) in August. This month, I've had [...]

Primark Nose StripsĀ 

I have found one of the best pore strips ever, and it's from Primark. I found it a couple of weeks ago in my local primark store, and I decided to try it out. I had been searching for a good nose strip for a while because I have always had a bad case of [...]