Bucharest Trip

Recently I was lucky enough to travel to Bucharest, Romania with some friends from Uni!! Although this blog is very much a Beauty oriented blog, I do like to post about my travel experience every now and again. I plan to write a couple of posts in relation to Bucharest such as the following; Tips [...]


Looking for Blogs to follow

I'm looking for new blogs to follow!! Leave your Url in the comments

Autumn Travel Destinations

With the colder weather starting to kick in, I find myself craving a holiday. Truth be told, I haven't been away in over a year. With college starting to get busy, I probably won't get to go away again until the new year at the earliest. However this doesn't mean that I can't make a [...]


When I first made this blog over three years ago, I envisioned myself as the type of person who would post constantly. NaΓ―ve of me? Maybe. Now, years later, I've decided to try and reboot this little blog. This time, I have a goal of this blog being my creative outlet with no big goals [...]

My trip to London: Day 1

Spending only four days in London, I quickly fell in love with the city. Read more to see why I love this city!