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Rimmel Kohl Eyeliner

Hello beauties 🙂
So I haven’t really been that active recently. Mainly because school has left me so tired that the only thing I can think of is homework and sleep. But now it’s nearly October and the main thing I’m thinking about is Halloween which might just be my favourite holiday. It’s tied with Christmas and I can’t pick between the two. Both are pretty awesome. Once a week starting next week I’ll be posting Halloween Tutorials which I’m so excited for because dressing up and becoming someone else is one of the best things about Halloween. I can barely hold my thoughts in right because I can’t wait to do them.

Now, onto the actual review. The product that I am reviewing today is the soft kohl kajal eye liner pencil in the shade 07 Pure white ( I did not know that white can be pure but okay 😉 by Rimmel London. I am not a big eye liner wearer type of person. I can only really apply pencils like this but when I was testing this out, I had never used the colour white before. I do like this one as it’s very easy to apply. The only problem I had with it is that it would not be easy to smoothen out. It’s like chalk. It’s long lasting though so that’s a good thing. I mostly would use it on my water line but my friend used it for under her eyebrows which was great too. I do like this pencil but it’s a little bit too hard for my liking.

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