Bucharest Trip

Recently I was lucky enough to travel to Bucharest, Romania with some friends from Uni!! Although this blog is very much a Beauty oriented blog, I do like to post about my travel experience every now and again. I plan to write a couple of posts in relation to Bucharest such as the following; Tips [...]


How to Plan a city break on a Budget

Happy Friday, friends!! As a student, money isn't something that I have a lot of at the moment. Traveling for me is something that can I can only do if I budget really well. Wanting an inexpensive trip is something that I can imagine many people like the idea of. Some people of course can [...]

Places I will be visiting this year

Good Morning babes' (or evening depending on where some of you are.) 2019 for me is going to be defined by three events. I'm turning 21 this year (I am so old yet so young).  In September I'll be entering the final year of my Bachelor degree (I really don't want to leave college, I [...]

Autumn Travel Destinations

With the colder weather starting to kick in, I find myself craving a holiday. Truth be told, I haven't been away in over a year. With college starting to get busy, I probably won't get to go away again until the new year at the earliest. However this doesn't mean that I can't make a [...]


When I first made this blog over three years ago, I envisioned myself as the type of person who would post constantly. Naïve of me? Maybe. Now, years later, I've decided to try and reboot this little blog. This time, I have a goal of this blog being my creative outlet with no big goals [...]

My trip to London: Day 1

Spending only four days in London, I quickly fell in love with the city. Read more to see why I love this city!